Things I love: wall stencils

I’m serious. Wall stencils. I didn’t think I’d like them either, but then I looked more closely. And there is something here for everyone. From modern to whimsical, Cate Olivia at Olive Leaf Stencils provides some marvelously creative ideas for transforming your walls into works of art. Tim and I have some {really} awesome wallpaper in our house (Blackbird, from Cavern), which we absolutely adore. (I {already} lament the day we’ll have to move, and leave this paper behind.) These stencils provide a similar opportunity to transform a space, without the commitment that wallpaper requires. Even better- the color possibilities are endless!
I find myself loving these creations and, in the right space, I think I could even get on board with the giant squid.

Moroccan tile No. 2.

Lemon tree branch (with hummingbirds).

Fleur de Lys.



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