We have a winner {ABCs of Rock Challenge}

Remember this challenge Tim and I issued you guys not long ago? Well, it seems that you guys are not as creative or fearless as I thought you were (no offense).
Except one of you. And this person SO ROCKED our challenge that I feel he should get a lifetime of these books to give away to all his newly parented rock loving friends. Unfortunately I don’t have that much money.

Eli, who will soon be the proud owner of his very own ABC’s of Rock book which he can share with his two little ones, wins this challenge (hands down) for 4 reasons:

  1. Not only did he provide a list of songs for all 26 artists, he rethought the list with 26 new artists and then provided the quintessential song for each one. No small feat in my opinion.
  2. In Eli’s own words, his list “captures more of the genres (the origin myth, early rock, soul, surf, rockabilly, punk, no wave, cajun, psych, etc.) and the cultural influences (irish, african, latino, etc.) and the eras that are in the amalgam.” rather than, as he describes it, “the woeful representation of white guys that explores little of the music’s roots.” Hell Yeah.
  3. Eli completed this list in the midst of packing for a move, while holding down a full time job, cooking dinner each night (I suspect he’s still doing this) for his family, and he has a 2.5 year old AND a 1 month old. (So what’s your excuse?!)
  4. He was the only one who submitted a list (but this is really just a minor point, almost not worth mentioning since his list was so badass).

So, Mr. Rosen, you know how to reach me- send me an email once you guys are settled in your new home with your address so you can collect your prize. Now get back to packing- your wife needs your help.

This is Eli. Check out his full post and list here. It capital ‘R’ Rocks.


2 thoughts on “We have a winner {ABCs of Rock Challenge}

  1. I submit that I was not aware of the challenge, although it is clear I would have been bested anyway. well done, Eli.Oh yeah Kiyah, can you link to the website above? I know you guys aren’t in Maine (yet) but I want everyone to see the amazing work my students produce. Go ART! Creativity for all!


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