B&A: for reals?

I’m a fan of B&A projects (that’s before & after, for the uninitiated) but this one is nothing short of absurd. I can’t tell if I’m outraged or envious. Although, with statements like this included in the description “Time: 1 year. Cost: $500k” I think outrageously envious is probably the more appropriate sentiment. Do I want to tackle  a project like this on my own? NO WAY. Do I think it’s great that someone did? YES.
But still, I think I’ll stick to repainting yard-sale-purchased mirrors and spray painting old lamps. That’s a little more my speed.


And post-renovation (anyone see that coming)?


2 thoughts on “B&A: for reals?

  1. So, as someone who often sees a “fixer-upper” and says something like “Can you imagine what we could do with that?” . . . I can honestly say I don’t think I’d have even given that place a second look. And NO WAY, I did not see that end result, even as I tried to imagine the possibilities. Kudos to the renovator–whomever they are.


    1. I know. I never, ever, would have had *that* image in my head. But it’s good to know that others can…and are willing to give places like that a new lease on life.


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