expectant mothers need exercise too

Why is it that all the expectant mother parking spots are so close to the front door? Are we (pregnant ladies) incapable of walking? Do people think we cannot handle ourselves in parking lot, afraid that our pregnancy brain might cause us to forget to look both ways before crossing into traffic? Although I do appreciate that people are thinking of us- that people step out of the way on the sidewalk, let me go before them if there is only one stall open in the bathroom, and give up their seats on the bus- I want to remind everyone that pregnancy is NOT an illness. And we need exercise too. Hell, most of the time that short walk across the three rows of cars in the parking lot is the ONLY exercise I’m getting.

So, maybe you could move a few of those expectant mother spots a little further away from the front door?  That way I can have my cake and eat it too.


2 thoughts on “expectant mothers need exercise too

  1. In my family, we have this self-appointed skill/obsession of always finding a parking spot close to our destination. Its clinical, I tell you. So we will spend the time it takes to walk from a further spot just driving around until we find a spot as close as possible. We’re still in the developmental stages of fashioning a sign that says “Reserved for Luria Family”


    1. This is totally different…and I’m SO on board! You should have a reusable sticker made that you can place over the expectant mother spots.


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