Books: {10 Little Rubber Ducks}

The story goes something like this: in 1992, or roughly thereabouts, 29,000 rubber bathtub toys were tossed from a cargo ship in a massive storm on their way from China to the West Coast of the US. Frogs, beavers and, yes, little yellow rubber ducks, bobbed for 11 years in the deep wide ocean before beginning to make their appearance on the shores of Europe and the US’s Eastern Seaboard. The movement of these bath toys was closely monitored by oceanographers for decades, teaching them a great deal about ocean currents and wind patterns.
Leave it to Eric Carle to distill this event into a children’s story, creating a marvelous counting adventure in 10 Little Rubber Ducks. 10 little ducks are tossed from their cargo ship and float north, and south, up and down, this way and that, encountering animals of all sorts along the way, and in the end (at least one) finding a home. Eleanor loves this book lately, requesting it (“Mommy, read.”) each morning when we come downstairs. So we go through it, a time or two…or three before breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Books: {10 Little Rubber Ducks}

  1. What a great idea for a book. I think the story of all these bobbing toys floating across the globe is a phenomenal story . . . I’m glad someone had the wisdom, insight and creativity to create a kid’s book from it. I’m gonna read it!! Maybe you can toss it in when you come to ME in September? We can help E. look for floating ducks in Sebago!! (We DO have one on the boat!)


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