Books: {The ABCs of Rock}, a challenge and give-away

Several months ago I stumbled across a website (maintained by Chenin) called Fudge Banana Swirl, which quickly became bookmarked in my “@daily” (which means check me daily!) folder. One of the first posts I read was in Chenin’s “I love” series (which was also part of the inspiration behind my “Things I love” series), and featured The ABCs of Rock by Melissa Duke Mooney with art by Print Mafia.
Eleanor is really into the ABCs lately, and Tim recently taught Eleanor about “rocking out”, so as part of Tim’s birthday gift I bought the book for him. It arrived in the mail a couple of days ago, and I just couldn’t wait until the 26th to give it to him.

I anticipated it getting a good reaction; I knew he would think the book was a cool idea. But I didn’t expect it getting this good of a reaction. Immediately after finishing his first read of the book, he put it down and announced “Well, now I have to make a playlist!”

Two days and $75 later, the playlist was ready for its debut. And it is awesome!

But here’s the best part. This post comes with a challenge and a give-away. We challenge you, my creative and fearless readers, to come up with your own playlists, honoring the artists featured in this book. And for the best playlist (to be determined by a panel of unbiased reviewers, of course)…your very own copy of this terrific alphabetical retrospective of 26 iconic bands spanning the last four decades. Word.

The ABCs of Rock, Artists & Playlist

AC/DC– Thunderstruck

David Bowie– Young Americans

The Clash– Should I Stay or Should I Go

Bob Dylan– Tombstone Blues

Elvis Costello– Pump It Up

Fleetwood Mac– Go Your Own Way

Go-Gos– We Got the Beat

Heart– Crazy on You

Iggy Pop– The Passenger

Joan Jett– Bad Reputation

Kiss– Rock ‘N Roll all Nite

Led Zeppelin– D’yer Mak’er

Bob Marley– She’s Gone

Nirvana– Lounge Act

Ozzy Osbourne– Mamma, I’m Coming Home

The Police– Message In a Bottle

Queen– Fat Bottomed Girls

R.E.M.- Orange Crush

Sonic Youth– Steepin’ Around

Talking Heads– Wild Wild Life

U2– Sunday Bloody Sunday

Velvet Underground– Sweet Jane

The White Stripes– The Denial Twist

X– Sex and Dying in High Society

Neil Young– Southern Man

ZZ Top– Jesus Just Left Chicago


5 thoughts on “Books: {The ABCs of Rock}, a challenge and give-away

    1. I can think of no better way to entice people into reading a CV than to have some hard driving rock playing. Maybe if you could get the computer to spit out a $5 bill that would also do the trick….


  1. this is such an important, and i think too often overlooked, line of study for young children. i am working on this, and will post a playlist when i get it finished. stay tuned . . .


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