caveat emptor: {bug repellent}

Yesterday morning I stopped into Whole Food {sorry dear} to pick up some pork chops (for dinner– we had pork chops with a peach sauce, which I’ll post about soon) and coffee (for me, this morning). Remembering that we were out of bug spray I walked over to the Health & Beauty section. Initially I reached for the Badger Spray, which we have been using and which I like, but noticed that another product was on sale.
Natural Herbal Armor (TM) Insect Repellent and Kids Herbal Armor (TM) Insect Repellent were on sale for $6.99 and $7.99 resepectively. Both were cheaper than Badger, so I compared the ingredients, and they were very similar (one has Castor vs. Soybean Oil and one Peppermint vs. Rosemary Oil). Since the major repelling action comes from  the Citronella (for mosquitos) and Geranium (other bugs, especially flies), I decided to give the Herbal Armor (TM) a try. But then, which one? Natural or for Kids?

I was buying mostly with Eleanor in mind. The bugs love her, and she welts up and itches like crazy from mosquito bites. Time to compare ingredients again. Active ingredients the same? Check. Inactive ingredients the same. Check. All other writing on the packaging besides the “Natural” vs. “Kids” in the title, including the Award for “Best Gear” from National Geographic Adventure and the quote from The New York Times? Check. I even asked the H&B ‘expert’ at WF. She found nothing that differed between the two. Interesting. So change the green label to orange, slap the word “Kids” on the front and charge an extra buck? Nice market.

Maybe there is something different about the two, and if you know what it is please share it because I’d love to know. Otherwise, save yourself the dollar (or buy yourself a slightly larger sized coffee).

One of these things is not like the other?


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