with fruit like this, you don’t have to wake the kids

I am an NPR geek. Nine times out of ten, if I’m telling you about a news story I heard, it begins this way: “I heard this story on NPR…” Actually, it might be closer to ten times out of ten these days. But I don’t just listen to NPR for news. I also listen to it for entertainment. See. Geek.
One of my favorite programs is “wait, wait… don’t tell me”. On April 4th, 2009 (yes, I can go that far back) Micheal Pollan came on the show to play Not My Job (I;m not even going to explain it to you. If you don’t know this show, or game, you are seriously missing out on life). Two of my favorite panelists,  Paula Poundstone and Mo Rocca, were also on the show. The exchange between Micheal Pollan and Paula Poundstone remains one of my favorite “wait, wait…don’t tell me” moments:

MP: “My son, when he was younger, really liked Fruit Pebbles.”

PP: “I bet he did.”

{..more story about shopping at a local grocery store from MP…}

PP: “Okay, my problem…I try to teach my kids to eat healthy foods, but you get a cantaloupe and you don’t know when it’s going to come of age. You have no idea…that period between when it’s, like, hard a s a rock to when it’s smooshy inside, is about 10 minutes. {laughter} And sometimes you gotta wake the kids in the middle of the night because the cantaloupe is ready. {more laughter}. Your kid wanted Fruity Pebbles, just so he could sleep!”

This week we received a gloriously large cantaloupe from our CSA box. A few minutes later we walked over to the farmers’ market to get a watermelon (because the one we bought on Saturday was consumed in roughly 30 minutes). When we came back, the whole house smelled deliciously sweet. The melon was clearly ready, so we cut in and feasted.


6 thoughts on “with fruit like this, you don’t have to wake the kids

  1. So what does it say that this is also one of your dad’s favorite pieces of Wait, wait . . . as well? Two things about that: 1.) Paula NAILED my experience with cantaloupe and 2.) We GOTTA see her perform sometime!
    That said, there is nothing better than hitting it right with the cantaloupe. I think I’ll go check the one we just bought! td


    1. You are kidding! I had no idea that you liked that episode as much as I did. At least I know where I get it!
      Hope the melon did NOT disappoint.


  2. If you don’t, you ought to listen to NPR’S “on the media”. Probably the most relevant show on air right now. Luckily, I can get in my satellite radio NPR since the local Colo NPR does not carry it. It is available for downloads via iTunes, I think.


    1. Thanks for the tip, Tom. I’ll be sure to check it out. I think I’ve heard it on our local station here…on the weekends? At the very least, as you say, I can subscribe to the podcasts.


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