Things I love: Peonies

It never ceases to amaze me how a few flowers can brighten a room, my day, my mood. And usually, just about any flower will do- a bunch of hand-picked lilacs, a single gardenia floating in a glass of water, a dozen long stemmed tulips, bells of Ireland, hydrangeas, paper whites grown in a bowl of river rocks, dandelions that Eleanor picked…the list goes on. Today, while over at Design*Sponge, these peonies caught my eye and I was transported back to Seattle Washington, and the wedding of two dear friends. Several of us spent an afternoon  collecting (from a local grower) and creating bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids and boutineers for the groom and groomsmen. It was a fabulous respite from what tends to be madness and mayhem that proceed a wedding. (Then I emailed said friend to tell her about this memory and she reminded me that it was Dahlias, not Peonies, that she had in her bouquets but thanks for remembering. Oops. Sorry MK.)

Either way, the memory was wonderful, and I still really like peonies. Want to see more? You can read the full post here (where there’s also a very cool trick for getting them to open).


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