in the spotlight

If I only have three minutes of fame, does that mean that at some point in the future I still have time for 12 more?
This morning I did my first live (Eek!) interview with…well, with anyone. I’ve done a couple of taped (voice only) interviews before, and provided written feedback for journalists, but this morning was something else entirely. All me, all live. On Canada Television.

I have a paper being published today in the Public Library of Science’s Medical Journal (PLoS Medicine) about the relative contribution of changes in portion size, energy density, and the number of eating occasions (i.e. meals and snacks) to total changes in energy intake over the last 30 years (you can access the full paper here, if you’re so inclined). Turns out this is a more interesting topic than I thought. My advisor, the infamous Barry M. Popkin (I dare you to google his name), had been handling media calls for the last couple of days, talking with the likes of ABC News, The NY Times, and, among others. The reporter from CTV, rightly, wanted Barry to do the interview, but he was fully booked. So they were  stuck with me. I don’t know if I did a decent job presenting our work, and the significance of these findings; I hope that I at least didn’t sound like a bumbling idiot. (Next time, if there ever is a next time, I DO need someone to teach me how to use cover up to conceal those bags under my eyes! Yikes!)

I can’t believe I’m willing to share this link, but here it is: Canada AM, and the interview directly. {Please, be kind with your comments!}


3 thoughts on “in the spotlight

  1. I thought your interview was just fine. Those are so hard, but you were clear and had no “ums”! Most academics couldn’t do better. I do like and read all your blogs, thanks for sharing.


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