I really enjoyed my first pregnancy. This one…well…let’s just say it’s pretty different. Certainly there are many possible reasons why pregnancy #2 is different from #1, not the least of which is that it is an entirely different pregnancy and no two pregnancies are the same (duh!). This time I’m growing a little baby boy, maybe the hormones are affecting me differently.This time, I have a toddler who (1) I am running around after all the time and (2) likes to bring home fresh bacteria and viruses to share with her family (isn’t that nice?!). I am definitely not in the kind of physical shape I was in when I was pregnant with Eleanor, and most days I seem to not be in the same kind of mental shape I was in with her either.
Regardless, it is safe to say that not once did my first pregnancy land me in the hospital for 2 liters of IV fluid and anti-nausea medication (as this pregnancy did on Saturday, due, I think, to a virus that Eleanor dealt with for less than 12 hours on Thursday) or cause me to take a 2+ hour nap in the afternoon and then be asleep before 9 pm that night and stay asleep until 7am the next day (as this one did yesterday). And I can’t remember a single time during my first pregnancy that I wasn’t able to eat, but today all I’ve managed to consume is a piece of toast, half of a banana, and part of a bowl of oatmeal. A friend, also pregnant with her second, recently wondered “Could it be that children know exactly how to drive their parents crazy even before they enter the world?” I think the answer to this question is a resounding YES. Yes, they do.


One thought on “TKO

  1. Wow, Kiyah. Hope you’re feeling better tonight! Sounds like rest and liquids are what your body is craving. Sending healing energy your way, in every way I can muster!


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