things I love: the simplicity, the patterns

I regularly stop into the kids consignment shop that is conveniently (although not for my wallet) located on my walk to and from home and the office. Until recently I only ventured into the “boys” side of the store when I felt the options on the “girls” side were too pink, or frilly. Since we learned that  bouncing baby boy would be joining our family, though, I’ve realized that I really don’t feel comfortable with the idea of putting him in the cute (pink) flowered dresses that we had for Eleanor when she was little so I’ve been periodically checking out availability on the boys’ racks. I’m amazed at how many clothing items, meant for boys, contain one of the following: sports icons (baseballs, basketballs, hockey sticks, etc.), animals (especially dogs and lions), and cars (or other automobiles or earth-moving equipment).
Today, while browsing one of my new favorite sites, I happened upon this website for Winter Water Factory, and I fell in love. They have wonderfully bright colors and imaginative patterns…all on organic cotton.

Some do tend to be more “boy-ish”,and others a little more “girl-ish”,but what kid, boy or girl, wouldn’t love having this anteater proudly displayed on their t-shirt?

{post-script: On my way home from work today, I stopped by a fabulous kids clothing store to check out their sale items. Digging in the “Boys 0-24 months” bin, I came across none other than the robot-dog onesie featured at the beginning of this post. It was kismet.)


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