CSA Wednesday

Another Wednesday. This week’s box includes: cucumbers, onions, tomatoes (red and sungold), potatoes (which, when combined with the potatoes that we didn’t eat from last week because we were out of town with my in-laws, means we have a lot of potatoes), cabbage, a green pepper, and..wait for it…blackberries (ahhhhhh).
So, what’s on the menu?

With all this cabbage and potatoes kicking around, I’m reminded of a dish that we ate all the time during our year of eating locally. Diane Anderson’s Cabbage with Sausage. It is delicious, just as it is, don’t make any changes (oh, except one: use any sausage that you favor, it does not have to be keilbasa. And use a good beer, a good dark beer).  The one down side to this dish is the weather (it seems far too hot to make a hot meal), although there is very, very little required of the cook so you don’t have to stand in front of the stove.

I also remembered seeing this recipe for Salt and Vinegar Grilled Potatoes from dear young Heidi, which I happened upon while in Tanzania, and which I couldn’t make while there. But now we’re home, potatoes are in season, and we’re grilling all the time now, so this is a keeper. We’re having friends over for dinner Saturday, maybe these can make their debut then. This also looks like a fabulous recipe. I’ve been thinking about a gratin of some sort, but they all seemed so heavy, and, frankly, rather boring. This one looks beautiful, and calls for so many of the ingredients I have on hand (potatoes, tomatoes, basil), but requires 180 (!) minutes of cooking at 350 degrees. So, not sure we’ll be testing that one this week. This spring salad with new potatoes from Smitten Kitchen, however, seems like a perfect way to use our potatoes without the same requirement for long cooking times. I would make a few small adjustments to this recipe, since I don’t think I can get my hands on asparagus (at least not in season). I would likely substitute snap or snow peas (if I can still find them at the market) for the asparagus, or maybe celery. And I’d use the pickled radishes I have, so might skip the pickling of the onions (although I bet this makes the salad delicious).

Then this torte caught my eye and it seemed perfect (especially since our next door neighbors gave us some of their home-grown summer squash!)


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