things I love: the organization

There are many things I love about this room. My first thought upon seeing it was “my two kids could actually share a room like this” (I dream of my children sharing a room and enjoying every minute of it, even though I dreaded the thought as a young person, and was tickled to be the only girl in a family of three [which of course meant my brothers were the ones that had to share. Ha!]) and I like that thought. We have so little space in our current house that I’ve become a bit obsessed about finding creative ways to fit them both into the small room that Eleanor currently occupies. It’s also nice to see someone else with that 5′ tall giraffe (Eleanor loves hers), and I like the variety of materials and patterns throughout the room.
What I’m loving most about it today, however, is the organization. Ah, organization. Someday you will find me.

I mean really, check out those drawers…

…and that closet!

But just when my envy reaches its peak, I’m reminded of a comment from a friend about a nursery that she coveted, which goes a little something like this (and I’m paraphrasing here): “Are you kidding me?!” What new parent (or experienced parent, for that matter) has time to run over to the closet, find the appropriately labeled “0-3 month” marker and carefully select a onesie while their child lies, unattended, on the changing table across the room? And how long do you think those pairs of socks will stay neatly piled on top of one another, let alone stay pairs that you can actually find? And how long will those whites be so white?

On the other hand, having a baby, especially your first,  is such a time of promise and I completely understand wanting the perfect place to which you can bring that baby home. I understand the desire for tranquility and order, at a time when you sense you’re about to loose both, forever. But I also understand what it means to let go, a little, of one’s need for perfection and control, because I (now) know you’ll never really make it as a parent (with your sanity intact) if you don’t. And while I’m loving the idea of this room, I’m also loving the image of a 2-year old, with spaghetti covered fingers running through here in search of his/her favorite book, leaving sauce streaks everywhere. It makes me smile. Congratulations to the folks over at House Thirty-Six, and thanks for the inspiration.


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