things I love: hating these people

I have a secret to confess. I have recently become (a little too?) enamored with design/decorating/DIY blogs. I guess it makes sense; I am the kind of person who likes peering in well-lit windows at night from the safety of the darkened street corner {kind of creepy, I know} to see how the homeowners have used their space. Although that practice was well formed years ago, my online obsession started here, where two self-described “DIY dorks” write about their home make-overs: providing detail after amazing, nitty-gritty detail on how they do (and where they buy) everything. Over the past many months, however, I’ve come across so many other fabulous design and DIY sites that it’s hard for me to understand how there can be so many {seemingly} so successful sites like these. Take, for example, this one, where the “Before and After” Mantel Turned Bookshelf made me drool or this one where I get to be that creepy voyeur and imagine all kinds of cool projects for my own space all at the same time. Today I stumbled upon this site and this one, both of which made my head spin (and made me want to friend the authors on facebook…and then become just like them…well, sort of).
Apartment Therapy and their Ohdeedoh sites also take up way to much of my time, especially the home tours which tend to focus on nurseries (another thing that I cannot get enough of these days. Before Eleanor was born I hardly considered making a nursery for her as we planned to co-sleep and were moving shortly after her birth to Tanzania. But with the second one coming along- and space at a premium in our 1,000 sq. ft. home- I think about creating a shared space for our two kids almost as often as I think about food. So that’s a lot.) I also found this Furniture Makeovers post and almost left work early to hit the PTA thrift store where I might snag myself a piece of furniture in need of a good face lift. The thought is still tempting.

The trouble it, it’s not just home decorating/design/DIY sites that grab (and lock hold on) my attention. My love of cruising around food blogs, which started in Tanzania as I searched for recipes to make use of the foods we had access to there, have continued to occupy a great deal of my time. And although I have my favorites, which I mention here often, I continue to find new ones that blow my mind. The combination of creativity with recipes and the stunning (food) photography makes me green with envy. I see these sites and am ashamed of the photos I post- they do what I’d like to, only a million zillion bagillion times better. Take for example Sprouted Kitchen or Smitten Kitchen or 5 Second Rule or Fresh 365. I mean look at that photography. Look at it. It makes me weepy.

I keep trying to figure out why I love these sites so much; why they hold my attention for so long that I forget where I am and what I’m supposed to me doing (and why, as a consequence, I end up hating {out of sheer jealousy} the people that write/maintain them). I have realized that this jealousy disguised as hate comes from knowing that, as much as I might want it, I cannot do what they do as well as they do it; and I’m slowly growing accustomed to this idea. But I do find myself, time and again and again, wondering how I can turn my enjoyment of browsing these sites into a way to make money, into a full-time business.

So, does anyone out there need me to scour websites and come up with wickedly cool parenting/home design/meal planning/weekend project or party planning ideas? Because I’m game. Seriously. Call me.


5 thoughts on “things I love: hating these people

  1. I wish you wouldn’t have, but I’m glad you did…..I had no idea all of these sites existed. I see lots of surfing these sites in the near future. Did you see those PVC chairs for kids? I think I have to make those.


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