maternal instincts

I used to trust them, maternal instincts I mean. Turns out that this time they were wrong.
A (healthy!) baby boy will be joining the Duffey/Baird household sometime on or around October 31st.

A baby boy. A boy.

Someday he’ll be terribly embarrassed that I shared this.

His face is a little fuzzy because we’re looking down through placenta. The curly-cue is the umbilical cord; 6-o’clock is the sole of his right foot.


11 thoughts on “maternal instincts

  1. The lifelong social experiment on the differences between boys and girls ;). I’m so happy for you guys. Congratulations.


    1. Thanks Lisa. Any tips on raising a little boy? (You guys have a pretty awesome one). Think Tierney and Ashlyn have any advice to share with Eleanor?


  2. He looks pretty comfortable in there! Is it just me, or does he already look like he’s thinking of ways to tease his big sis?


    1. If he’s anything like his uncle (which I know sounds strange, but I just mean to refer to the similarities between Aaron as little brother and me as big sister) then the answer is yes!


  3. Wow, when the pictures are that clear it really brings home there is a real person in there! I think the key work in your blog is healthy!! Yahoo he is off to a great start. Love you Mom


  4. We’re thrilled that a healthy baby boy is on the way! I love my boys andthey were pretty easy to raise…….most of the time!
    So happy for all of you!!


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