CSA Wednesday

This year, for the first time, we joined a CSA (community supported agriculture). Each Wednesday, for 22 weeks, we get a full box of  deliciousness from Ken Dawson at Maple Spring Farms. Our motivation stemmed largely from the desire to try new foods; our trips to the Farmers’ Market each week typically resulted in a fridge filled with the same vegetables we always brought home. The CSA  would surely force us out of that rut.
In fact, I was so sure that I would be overcome with kitchen creativity that I decided to share our weekly menus resulting from the weeks’ bounty.Yesterday was Wednesday, yesterday, delivery day.

But yesterday pregnancy (or the heat [5 straight days of 90+ degrees] or this cold I’ve had or some combination of these three things) kicked my ass. Today,it/they hit me while I was down. I started feeling a little queasy yesterday afternoon which quickly deteriorated to downright nauseated by the time I was half way home. Today I got up with Eleanor around 6:45 but felt off. So when Tim took her to school, around 8:00 I got back into bed…and didn’t get up until noon. I made it about an hour, enough time for a few bites of food and some  water, and then I went straight back to bed where I stayed until 4 pm. No joke. And I had so little appetite that, with a fridge full of  fresh, organic, locally grown foods, we chose to eat at our favorite diner rather than cook.

I did muster the strength, while sitting in bed, to organize a list of the foods we received yesterday and brainstorm a sampling of menu items. I didn’t, however,  have the wherewithall yesterday to snap a photo of our cornucopia of veggies so…oops.

Maybe I’ll manage to share some of the results from this planned week of dinners. No promises, though.

Veggies received include lettuce, radishes, spring onions, broccoli, kale, fennel, squash and zucchini, and two pints of strawberries (YUM!). And from that, this is what I’ve come up with.

– Fennel and pork chops with sautéed kale

– Spring onion and zucchini tart with goat cheese and dill, green salad with a lemon vinaigrette

– Buttermilk panna cotta with strawberries and blueberries

Wait a minute…that’s it?  That list took me  a solid 20 minutes, and there are only two actual dinners there. Well, there is also a beautiful supply of beets at the market so I’ll probably pick some of those up Saturday for one of my favorite meals, beet and greens pasta. For now, though, back to bed.


4 thoughts on “CSA Wednesday

  1. Sorry to hear the bug has really moved in for a serious stay. Hope the rest is helping beat it. Fluids, rest . . . that’s the ticket!


  2. Hey, I have an idea – Why don’t the three of you just come her and live and you Kiyah can be the cook, Tim can mow the lawn and Miss E can entertain us and we will live happily ever after! We will all pretend there is no need to work!!!! I never have such great sounding meals. I do hope you are feeling better, your worried a little bit Mother.


    1. Well doesn’t that sound fab-u-lous! If you can’t NOT work…just pretend you don’t have to. I’ll run the idea by Tim…I already know what Eleanor will say!


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