pretend play

I had a beautifully written post drafted about Eleanor and her entry into imaginary play. And then it somehow, mysteriously, got deleted as Tim and I discussed safe medications for treating congestion during pregnancy. And now it’s 10pm and I’m too tired and (unfortunately) frustrated to try to redraft the whole thing. “Was it long?” Tim asked….but that is so beside the point.
Instead I leave you with this thought: Eleanor has stepped up her imaginary play in the past few weeks, and it’s a wonderful thing to watch. (It has also meant that my nightstand is now covered with books related to supporting such play in young toddlers…more on this to come). From her forays into cooking (mostly tea, pizza and pasta) in “Eleanor’s kitchen”, to her driving trips to the airport, to her new house in the bushes outside (“Where’s your bedroom, Eleanor?” I asked her the other day. “Um…{pause}…right here!” she exclaimed), she is engaging in the world around her in an entirely new and creative way. In the last few days, this attention has been turned to her baby. And although I think there’s little connection to the fact that there will soon be another little person joining our family, I like to think that all this pretend play with her doll might, at least a little bit, have her ready for what is to come.

And it’s nice to think that maybe, just maybe, Tim and I have had something to do with the way she behaves with that baby. Laying next to the doll to rub her back as she [Eleanor] puts her baby to sleep can’t be instinctual…can it?


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