mama bapa

In late March/early May we were fortunate enough to have my parents in town…for a month. I know, some of you might be cringing at the thought, but it was fabulous.
They rented an apartment just down the street (a 5 minute walk, maybe less) which meant we  could stop by in the morning to see them before school, they were available to get Eleanor from school in the afternoon if Tim and I couldn’t, and they were around to help (a) entertain Eleanor while we made dinner or (b) make dinner while we entertained her. Tim and I did have one date night, which was of course a wonderful treat, but more special for me was watching Eleanor develop such a deep connection with her grandparents.

And this connection has lasted well beyond their time here. Eleanor continues to sing happy birthday to them (it’s one of her {seemingly} favorite songs and she includes everyone she can think of in the “..happy birthday dear…” line), talk about things they did together (“bapa mama chase Eleanor”), ask to see them (“mama bapa ‘puter Maine?”) and, as long as she’s making it for us, she serves mama (grandma) and bapa (grandpa) tea or soup too.

Mama, yours was  the green plate; bapa the blue. She made sure to cool them off (in the oven!) before she brought them (oh, so carefully) to the stairs so they should be ready for you. Happy eating!


4 thoughts on “mama bapa

  1. This is so sweet! I miss Little E and her parents so much! Millie talks about Cambodia all the time. She thinks of it as this Eden…. like if she’s having a meltdown, she says “go for Cambodia!” as if it will cure all that pains her.


  2. Oh Millie…I feel that way all the time! I can’t wait to start reading about your family’s adventures there. What’s your new blog going to be called?!


  3. So heartstrings are at least as long as NC to ME . . . what a touching post, Kiyah! We think of you all and our wonderful time “two blocks away” every single day! We MISS the morning drop ins of Ms. E and mom on the way to school–that energy shot of hers would really get us revved up for the rest of the day! (Addison just doesn’t quite do that.) [our cat for the out-of-family reader]. Please let Ms. E know that even though I can’t be there to enjoy the awesome bean snack, I DO appreciate it! Love you all. Dad


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