Mothers’ Day

I’m generally not one to make a big deal about “holidays” like Valentine’s Day (even though my birthday happens to coincide with it) or Mother’s Day (even though I am one). I feel like we should always be celebrating our moms and our sweethearts, and, although it’s nice to have a special day to remind us of them, I don’t feel it’s necessary to spend the amount of money that is usually spent on said days. And I’m happy to have a husband that feels the same way.
This it not to say that we don’t find ways to celebrate these special events. This weekend Mother’s Day turned into Mother’s weekend. Friday afternoon I was treated to a picnic lunch with Eleanor and her class- a special event just for moms. We then spent Saturday morning strawberry picking, and on our way home Tim said that he thought a nice Mother’s Day gift would be the child seat we’ve been eyeing for my bicycle. Granted, I won’t be riding for much longer, but Tim still can and since we haven’t been able to find a bicycle that fits Eleanor yet (we’re really waiting until she’s big enough for a balance bike) we decided that at least with this we  could make more use of our sorely neglected bikes. So before Eleanor’s nap we walked across the street and had it installed. We also purchased a new helmet for Eleanor (which she was so excited about she decided to even wear it to do her cooking that afternoon!). Saturday night we went to the Durham Tobacco Campus to see The Durham Bulls with our (way cool) neighbors. We stuffed ourselves with cheap nachos and italian ice and watched baseball and baseball fans.

These were fantastic gifts, each and everyone of them.

Then  Sunday morning came. After an extra hour of sleep (!!!), I awoke to warm cinnamon-bread french toast with fresh strawberries and a daughter who had drawn me several- no less than 7- pictures of runways (the airport kind, not the fashion show kind). Tim then presented me with my real gift. It seems a few days earlier he happened across this OpEd. I will only summarize here to say that as he read it- about a  73-year old woman in Somaliland who works tirelessly (and has devoted her entire life savings) to saving and improving the lives of mothers by providing access to family planning services and fighting female genital mutilation– it moved me to tears (“the hormones?” you say) as did the email he followed it with. “I thought about donating to her charity, or any other number of charities that are fighting similar battles around the world,” he said, “but then I realized that I could do something much more personal.”

Some of you may remember me writing about our nanny- a single mom, to two girls [one that is not hers biologically], who makes ends meet by virtue of a small business she runs making chips and salsa to sell around town. Some of you may also remember that she was diagnosed with HIV while she worked for us. “Who do we know that is more deserving of something special on Mother’s Day than her?” Tim asked.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, Tim helped us to also celebrate Mothers’ Day (yes, the apostrophe is in a different location…check out the article). {Isn’t he awesome?}. And that is a holiday that I can totally get on board with.

First ride 1.

First ride 2.

Kitchen safety 101: always wear your helmet.

What’s left of the strawberry-rhubarb pie, shared with dear friends (after a great dinner) on Sunday night. Thanks M&R!


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