one reason that I love the South

I grew up in Maine (although I’m not a true Mainer, as Mainers are quick to point out, since I was not born in the state) and when Tim and I moved to NC 8 years ago it was a bit of a shock. I remember thinking that we had made a big mistake, but I just hadn’t given NC a fair shake. There are many things that I like about the South, but one that is most obvious, and one that I am perhaps most vocal about, is the weather. It’s incredible. Yes, the summers are hot and humid- really hot and humid- but the spring completely makes up for the three months of uncomfortably stifling heat.
Today, February 18th, it was 70 degrees. There was barely a cloud in the sky, and only a light breeze. It was a spectacularly gorgeous day; the kind of sunny day where you can sit in the sun for hours and just soak up the warmth without ever getting too hot. The kind of day where a skirt and light sweater is all you need, still, at 7:30 pm. The kind of day that makes our town come alive.

Much of community life in Carrboro centers around our local cooperative, and on the first warm sunny Friday of (fingers crossed) spring, it was hopping. What we thought would be a short stop on the lawn for a quick snack and glass of wine to celebrate the completion and submission of Tim’s final writing grants turned into several hours with friends who had the same idea. Yes, 70 degrees in February is one reason I love the South.



6 thoughts on “one reason that I love the South

  1. Sounds mighty good as we still deal with a remaining two feet plus of white precipitation. Looking forward to many of those days at Weaver St. next month! E. certainly looks like she was enjoying herself!! Should drop a note to Steffey’s some day . . . that sweater is serving her VERY WELL!!


    1. Grandpa-We are SO excited for you guys to join us here too. And maybe by that time, Thursday night and Sunday morning music will be back. At the very least, we can make it a regular Friday evening occurrence; none of us would complain about that.
      -kjd (and Tim and Little E)


  2. That looks like real fun! Man, that Little E sure is adorable. I think the weather patterns are changing globally… we had “winter” like weather here this week – lots of rain and days in the 60’s. It was quite nice after weeks of blistering hot dryness.


    1. Rebecca-
      Where are your photos of this new “winter” weather? or the summer weather, for that matter? Your ex-neighbors are getting lonely without updates from you…


  3. Hello Kiyah,
    I have enjoyed reading your entries! The one about Southern weather really struck me! I moved to Wilmington, NC three years ago. I have to agree with you about the weather! There is nothing better than walking on the beach in February and having it be warm outside! Your little girl is adorable! Take care.


    1. Kristin-Thanks for stopping by, and please come back! I have not been to Wilmington often enough during our 8 years here in NC, but know from the times we have been that it is beautiful. Glad you’re enjoying the warm winters as well.


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