meatless (valentine’s) monday

Today is Monday.
Today is Valentine’s Day.

Today is my birthday.

In honor of these three things, I’m keeping this post short and sweet. For Meatless Monday (and because it’s one of Tim’s favorite foods, and thus a small, small thing that I can do for him for Valentine’s Day) we had pizza. I was prepared to make homemade gluten-free crust, but got home and was too tired so that will have to wait for another night. For Valentine’s Day, Little E and I made homemade cards for the kids in her daycare (they had a party today), and in honor of Valentine’s and my birthday Tim and I enjoyed a peaceful childless lunch, complete with a glass of wine (we were the only one’s drinking!) and I came home to a CLEAN house and bouquet of roses. Little E and I played outside before dinner, and she helped me get everything ready to top the pizza, which Tim finished cooking. I am content.


Cards for Little E’s classroom.

Ready to go home.

On the move.




Dinner prep: mushrooms and mozzarella cheese.

Sauteing spinach and onions.




2 thoughts on “meatless (valentine’s) monday

  1. Sounds like a great day! Wow, E is so adorable!!! I know, cliche, but so big!
    Millie and I tried to make V-day cards with glitter and it was a total disaster. Never a good idea to start something like that at 5pm when hunger and tiredness are visiting as well.


    1. Rebecca-No, you’re right; it’s best to start those projects just after nap time, isn’t it, when there is just *a little* bit more patience to be had by said toddler. Did you get several dozen roses this year, since they are relatively so cheap there in Arusha?!


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