stuck in a [breakfast] rut

Breakfast is not my favorite meal. Which is unfortunate, because usually I wake up starving. Generally a strong cup of [good] coffee will keep my appetite at bay for a while, but I don’t have long before I must eat (read using Cookie Monster’s voice).. and I get cranky if I don’t. The thing about breakfast foods is that I am generally uninspired by them; and now that I’m trying to avoid gluten the options are even more limited. I was hoping that this limitation might have a beneficial impact on my waistline (no more temptation by those delicious scones at the bakery), but that hasn’t really panned out. Oh well.
What I typically…no…almost always and without fail… end up eating for breakfast are two rice cakes (thank you Lundberg Family) with almond butter, honey, and banana. I love it, but am getting a little tired of it too.

So, let’s have it readers: what’s your go-to breakfast?



9 thoughts on “stuck in a [breakfast] rut

  1. Hi,
    Are you gluten intolerant? That must be tough. You might know Anna Lopez Carr, wife of a former student of mine, David. Anyway she recently discovered her gluten intolerance. It seem to be increasing, why?


    1. Hey Tom,I think that I am. At least my latest theory and I’m sticking too it. This might be more information than you need/want, but I find that i get really bloated after eating gluten and have stomach pains. If if it’s not actual gluten intolerance, I feel better when I don’t eat it (which also means I’m eating less refined [and unrefined] sugar) so that could be complicating things as well. I don’t know about gluten intolerance increasing as a problem…I’m going to have to look into that. I wonder if it’s just being recognized/diagnosed more frequently?


    1. Sounds great. I used to make a cardamom quinoa warm breakfast cereal, but adding dried fruit and nuts would be delicious. Thanks for the suggestion!-Kiyah


  2. Other ideas–eggs (hardboiled for simplicity), yogurt and nuts, etc.
    One of my friends from NIH was recently diagnosed with celiac, she is blogging about it here:
    I can explain more details to you about celiac/etc from my limited understanding as an RD.. basically if you have celiac (or gluten intolerance) eating gluten will lead to blunting of your villi –> mal-absorption/bloating/gas/etc .. there is a spectrum of intolerance as well. To test for it they have to observe the blunting via an endoscopy and can also check for biomarkers that are elevated with it… etc.
    OK, back to work!


    1. I do remember this site…but had forgotten that it was gluten free. Thanks for reminding me. Now to get my hands on a crock pot [hey there’s a great birthday idea 😉 ]-kjd


  3. Hey Kiyah,
    Although I loves me some oatmeal in the morning, I have also sought out some gluten-free breakfast options.
    One of my faves is quinoa with peanut or almond butter chopped into it (I say “chopped” because stirring it in may leave you with something a little too mushy) with cooked fruit and yogurt. I call it my breadless PB and J… with yogurt.* I place frozen berries, sometimes mangoes, and ripe bananas (which serve as a wonderful natural sweetener) in a covered sauce pan and cook them until they’re nice and bubbly. I usually eat it warm, but you can put extra fruit coulis in the fridge where it will thicken a bit.
    * On occasion, I will substitute the quinoa with “Grandma’s Grain” from 101 Cookbooks
    I’ve also made quinoa pancakes with similar fruity and creamy accoutrements, by mixing quinoa, egg, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla extract, honey or agave, and an optional tiny bit of flour together, then simply cooking ’em on the griddle. They certainly weren’t the tastiest pancakes ever, but it was a good way to use some left-over quinoa and satiate my morning appetite.
    Good Luck!


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