the nerve of some people

It’s amazing what has come to constitute bad driving in my eyes.
In Tanzania, I witnessed some egregious behavior on the road. Two lane highways readily (and within seconds) became 4 and 5 lane roads depending solely on the whims of other drivers. There were no white lines delineating the road’s shoulder, no yellow lines preventing on-coming traffic from drifting into your lane. There were no stop signs and only 2 stop lights in all of Arusha. You were equally likely to see buses, 18-wheelers, bicycles, motorcycles, mkokotenis (two wheeled carts), goats, cows, wheel barrows, and pedestrians in the middle of the road as you were to see other cars. People regularly drove with no headlights…at night. There were no speed limits and the police were more interested in collecting money for not having the requisite fire extinguisher in your car than for prosecuting people driving with no catalytic converter. It was amazing. Amazingly terrible driving.

But today, as we returned home from the grocery store, patiently waiting at the stop sign for our chance to make a left turn on W. Main St, there was a van making a right turn, in the right-turn lane without its blinker on. I mean, really. The nerve of some people.


One thought on “the nerve of some people

  1. That driver must have gotten his license in Arusha. Today, there was an accident by PPF involving a UN employee so UN security was there. And of course it hosed up traffic, but not because the cars stopped in the middle of the road like usual. No they were actually pulled off to the side. But b/c the UN security officer was sketching out in the road with chalk the trajectory of the accident! CSI: Arusha, coming soon!


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