home improvement

We had a coat problem. Well, to be more accurate, we had a coat rack problem. Since we bought our house our coat rack has consisted of a small set of 6 pegs spaced roughly two inches from one another. It looked a little something like this (only metal):

In the past few weeks the temperature has hovered in the the high teens and low twenties- cold by North Carolina standards (hell, cold by cold standards). This has meant that we have roughly 5 coats each- big bulky winter coats- which we need to have access to at any given moment. There were so many coats hanging on the rack (which hung on the wall directly behind the front door) that the door wouldn’t stay open all the way; we lost a good 18 inches of door opening ability because of these damn coats. The situation was dire.

I recently learned about apartment therapy – a design and idea website for renters and small-space dwellers- and thought the site might provide some hot tips on transforming our outdated and useless coat rack into something hip and modern…and useful. Now, before you go poking around on this site, know that, if you have any interest in design, home decor, home improvement,  or are just voyeuristic enough to enjoy looking at photos of other peoples’ homes DO NOT go to this site. You will loose hours of your life.

After hours of rooting around on this site, and having forgotten what I went there for in the first place, I found a solution to our problem- at least I found the seed of an idea that would become the solution to our problem. The article featured this image:

and I knew that something like the wall pegs would be perfect. Armed with an idea, we set off to the hardware store. The problem was, these (plain, round, wooden) pegs came from an ultra fancy Norwegian design studio and the one online shopping option I could find sold these babies at 99.50 Euro (Um…what?!). The drawer pulls we could find at Lowe’s came in two sizes (small and smaller) and were, well, crappy. But we did not give up hope and after more than an hour, came home with all the materials we needed to make a kick ass coat rack.

Although she didn’t like the sound of the hack saw, Little E loved helping dad install the drawer pulls-turned coat racks and hanging (and rehanging and rehanging) her coats has quickly become her new favorite game.



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